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Fence Style Guide for Florida Homes

Florida homeowners have many unique demands when it comes to their interior and exterior design. Unlike homes in other parts of the country, we deal with long periods of heat, an intense rainy season, and constant humidity that can cause architectural issues of all kinds. From wood rot to warping and water damage, the elements are constantly at war with your fence’s structural integrity. 

If you’re looking for the best fencing options for Florida homes, follow these four style rules:

Choose a water-resistant material

Water resistance is paramount when it comes to Florida fences. Vinyl and some types of metal are naturally water resistant, while wood and rust-prone metals need protective coatings to repel water. Be sure to talk to your fencing contractor to determine what water-resistant options are available for your preferred fence style. 

Always paint or stain wood

If you do choose a wood fence, paint or a stain is non-negotiable. You need to protect your wood fencing from the elements with a water-resistant coating. If you don’t your wood fence likely won’t last more than a decade. 

Match your neighborhood (if possible) 

Depending on how close your home is to others on the block, it typically looks nicer if your fence matches others in the neighborhood. While you don’t have to match your neighbors exactly (unless you share a perimeter fence), you don’t have the only modern or only rustic backyard on the block. Unless the rest of your home’s style stands out from the rest of the neighborhood, we recommend choosing fence materials that are similar to others in the neighborhood. 

Choose a color to match the house

Modern fencing comes in a variety of paint, stain, and powder coat options that allow you to choose nearly any color you wish. While you may think brown, black, and white are the most obvious choices, you can choose a paint color to match the rest of your home, no matter what color it is. 

If you’d like to learn about fence design and style options available with FloriFence, visit our Resources for more! 

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