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Fence Safety Top Caps for Your Business

At FloriFence, safety is our top priority, not only for our own technicians but for our clients first and foremost. Fencing is designed to keep you safe. It’s meant to keep dangers from the outside world away from your business, and the visitors on your property safe from unwanted intruders. However, sometimes we have to take it one step further by creating safer fence designs for all types of settings. 

Fence railings and toppers can pose dangers to children and adults if they are in certain settings. So, we offer a safe solution to ensure your fence only adds to the security of your property rather than creating unnecessary danger. 

What is a safety top?

Fence safety caps are rounded plastic caps that line the top of chain link and aluminum fencing. The tops of these fences can have sharp edges, especially if they are worn and show signs of wear and tear. A safety top cap keeps fence tops from poking, prodding, or causing cuts to anyone who comes near the fence line. 

Do I need safety top caps for my fence? 

Fence safety top caps are primarily used for sports fields, such as baseball and softball outfield fences, as players might jump over or near the fenceline and get snagged on the fence line if it is older and not in good shape. However, safety caps can be used for recreational centers, state parks, daycare facilities, schools, playgrounds, and any other commercial facility where safety along the fenceline may be a concern. 

How much do they add to the installation cost? 

Most safety top caps are made of foam or plastic and are relatively affordable to install. They may add between $150 and $400 to your fence installation, depending on the length of the fence and the material used. 

If you are interested in adding safety top caps to a new or existing fence installation, contact our offices today to learn more about your options.

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