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Fence Maintenance Advice From the Experts

The winter time is the ideal time of year to start on maintenance for your fence. In Florida, as the temperature drops and the rainy season dries up, it’s much easier to do extended yard work. You can depend on rain-free days to repaint and cooler afternoon weather to make repairs on your fence. Plus, your fence will look its best by the time spring and summer roll around. 

If you want your fence to be in tip-top shape year-round, follow these maintenance tips from the experts: 

Keep it clean

Not all homeowners take the time to clean their fences regularly, but it can make a big difference in your home’s curb appeal. Pressure washing or simply hosing down your fence at least once a year can prevent dirt and other buildups from discoloring your fence. It can also prevent things like algae from getting out of control during the summer. 

Repair and stain wood annually

Wood fencing needs more maintenance than synthetic or metal fencing materials. We typically recommend you touch up the paint or stain on your wood fence annually to prevent water from damaging the wood. You can layer stains, but for paint, if you need to do more than a simple touchup, you may need to strip the paint and repair the board, which can be a weekend project. Be sure to plan in advance for a rain-free weekend to ensure the paint has time to dry. 

Lubricate hinges on gates regularly

If gate hinges aren’t lubricated often they can become stiff over time. We recommend using WD-40 or another metal lubricant annually or whenever you notice your gate hinges becoming stiff. 

Don’t neglect minor fence problems

If you notice your fence leaning, sagging, or deteriorating, call your FloriFence team immediately. The sooner you can identify a fence issue, the easier it is for us to repair or replace the deteriorated section. This can also help you save money, as the longer you wait to fix an issue, the more likely it is to get worse. 

FloriFence offers a one-year service guarantee and unbeatable prices in the Tampa area. If you’d like to learn more about fence maintenance and repair services, give us a call today!

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