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Fence etiquette: How to install a fence that is shared with neighbors

Many people feel that once they obtain the proper permitting for their fence, they are in the clear for installation. However, there are steps you should take to preserve good relationships with your neighbors during the installation process as well. Here are some guidelines we share with customers as we begin to plan their fencing project.

  • Make sure the fence is exclusively on your property. If you don’t have your house’s plat, your local property appraiser may be able to help you. A land surveyor can also help confirm your property lines and stake out the lines precisely, which is helpful to fencing contractors like FloriFence.
  • Communicate with your neighbor. If you don’t already talk with them regularly, let them know about the project. There is always the chance they will be willing to split the cost with you.
  • Select a good-neighbor fence, or give the “good side” to your neighbor. Some fences have a distinct “good side” which faces the exterior, and a less finished side which faces the interior. It is a courtesy to give the good side to your neighbor, and also avoids having your fence look like it was installed backwards. FloriFence can also help you select a fence that looks the same on both sides, or install a double-sided privacy fence.
  • Be diligent about fence maintenance, and be realistic about the level of maintenance you can keep up with in your fence’s lifetime. Lower maintenance materials like vinyl, aluminum or chain link may be preferable to wood. But, in any case, be mindful that your fence now affects your neighbor’s curb appeal and property value as well as your own

Abiding by these guidelines will help preserve good relations with your neighbor. Well-qualified, experienced fencing contractors, like FloriFence, can help you make sure the project is completed efficiently and minimize the impact the fence construction has on those who live around you. Contact us for an on-site cost estimate today.

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