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Experts Explain Why Fence Maintenance Is Important

At FloriFence, we strive to create fencing solutions that are both beautiful and easy for our clients to keep up with. Because fencing is designed to last 20+ years, most clients expect their material to be weatherproof, pet-proof, and generally outdoor-proof. However, fencing that lasts through the decades is usually well-maintained by the homeowners, and not long-lasting by sheer luck. 

Fence maintenance is simple, but it is necessary in order to get your money’s worth on the installation. Below are three reasons why our fencing specialists urge you to follow your fence maintenance instructions every year: 

  • It will extend the service life of your fence

Most fencing will last a minimum of two decades with proper care. Some fence materials, like vinyl, can last 40 years or more if it is well-maintained. However, these service life estimates are based on fences that are annually cleaned and retouched to ensure water damage doesn’t occur. If you don’t maintain your fence, it will deteriorate much more quickly due to weathering. 

  • You’ll maintain the fence’s color and finish

Vinyl and some metal fencing can be powder coated, which preserves color and shine for many years. However, dirt and grime can accumulate on any surface, making your fence look its age. If you regularly clean your fence, it can look good as new for years to come. 

  • It prevents unnecessary repairs

Fences can splinter, crack, or get rusty over time if you don’t properly maintain their coatings and hinges. By maintaining these elements you can avoid costly repairs such as replacing gate hinges and boards that have splintered or cracked over time. 

FloriFence can help you maintain your fence so you get the most service life out of it over time. To learn more about fence maintenance and repair options, contact us or visit our Resource Center. 

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