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Evaluating Fences During Your Summer House Hunt

As the days lengthen and the school year wraps up, May kicks off National Moving Month, marking the busiest season for realtors, movers, and excited new homeowners. If you’re among those embarking on a summer relocation adventure, congratulations! While the to-do list for buying a new home can feel endless, don’t overlook the importance of evaluating the existing fence on the property.

A fence plays a crucial role in your new home, impacting everything from security and privacy to aesthetics and future plans. Here at FloriFence, we want to equip you with the knowledge to confidently assess a fence during your summer house hunt.

Security and Functionality:

Material and Construction: Start by examining the fence material. Wood fences offer a classic look but require maintenance. Chain link provides strength and visibility but might not be the most aesthetically pleasing. Aluminum offers a modern feel and low upkeep, while wrought iron adds a touch of elegance with a higher maintenance requirement. Steel offers maximum security but may not be ideal for all styles.

Height and Condition: A secure fence should be tall enough to deter potential trespassers. Look for any sagging panels, loose posts, or signs of rot, especially on wooden fences. Ensure gates function properly and have secure latches.

Placement and Purpose: Consider the fence’s location in relation to the property lines and your needs. Does it fully enclose the backyard for children or pets? Does it provide privacy from neighbors?

Aesthetics and Curb Appeal:

Style and Design: Does the fence complement the overall architecture of the house? Is the style something you can live with, or would you envision replacing it in the future?

Condition and Upkeep: A well-maintained fence adds to a home’s curb appeal. Fresh paint on a wooden fence or a clean chain link fence make a positive first impression. Consider how much ongoing maintenance the fence will require.

Long-Term Considerations:

Age and Remaining Life Expectancy: Get an estimate of the fence’s age and how much longer it’s likely to last. Factor in potential repairs or replacement costs when factoring in the overall value of the property.

Future Plans: Do you envision adding a pool or expanding the patio in the future? Think about how the existing fence might impact those plans.

Making an Informed Decision:

By carefully evaluating the fence during your house hunt, you can gain valuable insights into the property’s overall condition and potential needs. Don’t hesitate to ask your realtor for information about the fence’s history and any known repairs.

Remember, FloriFence is here to help! Whether your new home requires a fence repair, a complete replacement, or a custom design to match your vision, our team of experts is here to guide you through the process. Contact us today for a free consultation and a quote. Let’s make your summer move seamless and ensure your new home is secured by a beautiful, long-lasting fence!

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