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Environmentally-Friendly Options for Residential Fencing

Many Floridians recognized we are blessed with a beautiful but fragile environment and seek out eco-friendly options when it is time for home improvement projects like installing or replacing their fences. If this describes you and your family, then FloriFence has some excellent options for your home.

Locally Sourced Wood

Wood is among the most environmentally friendly materials because it is a renewable resource that will either decompose or be recycled when the fence has reached the end of its usefulness, depending on the wood treatment options you have selected for ongoing maintenance. However, wood that has been transported from farther distances creates more greenhouse gas emissions during transport than those that are obtained locally. Luckily, Florida has a robust lumber industry. The Florida Forestry Association reports that there are more than 17 million acres of forests in Florida and the majority of that land is working forests producing timber.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is environmentally friendly due to the recyclable nature of the steel used for the fencing material. It also allows homeowners to avoid using harmful chemicals to maintain their fence. This is one fencing option that meets the needs of homeowners to be cost-effective and eco-friendy.

Other Metal Fencing

Other metal fencing can be a good choice for homeowners who are concerned about the environmental impact of their fencing selections. These fences are long-lasting and recyclable, reducing landfill materials. They allow water to drain easily, which is beneficial in flood-prone areas. They are also generally rust and mold-resistant if properly maintained, also beneficial to the ecosystem.

Let FloriFence walk you through eco-friendly fencing options the next time you are in the market for a new or replacement fence. Give us a call at 877-204-9569 for all of your fencing needs in the Tampa Bay, Hillsborough, and Pinellas County areas.

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