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Easy Ways to Upgrade an Existing Wooden Fence

Wood fencing is one of the most popular options for residential areas in Florida. It is a classic look, and is relatively affordable, especially when compared to vinyl or metal options. However, there is one drawback to wood fencing – it doesn’t last forever. Wood is considered the most difficult fencing option to maintain as it will fade, warp, and rot over time.  

While it is more difficult to maintain than vinyl or metal, wood fencing has the capacity to last several decades when taken care of properly. If you have a wood fence that has seen better days, there are a few ways you can upgrade it to look good as new: 

Add a fresh coat of paint. 

Oftentimes what makes wood fencing look aged is not the fence itself, but the paint that protects it. Paint that is faded, chipped, or worn will make a fence that is only ten years old look like it’s been around 30 or more. You can easily change this by stripping the paint and adding a fresh coat. In many cases, this will make the fence look good as new.  

Invest in new greenery.  

A beautiful wooden fence won’t look as good if the greenery surrounding it is dead and dry. By planting flowers and other plants that complement your fence, you can make it look newer and fresher with very little effort.  

Replace your gate.  

Gates are often the first element of the fence to see wear and tear because it is used so often. Plus, the metal pieces on a wooden gate can easily rust without proper care and lubrication after it rains. Be sure to care for your gate and upgrade when necessary to ensure it looks just as good as it did the day you installed it.  

FloriFence takes pride in our wooden fence installations and wants to ensure you love the way your fence looks for years. If you’re interested in upgrading more than just the paint, contact us today for more information on fence upgrades and refurbishing.  

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