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Easy Ways to Upgrade an Existing Vinyl Fence 

Vinyl fencing is becoming the next hottest trend in neighborhoods and commercial districts alike. This wood lookalike is just as beautiful as natural fencing, but will outlast most other fencing materials by 10 or even 20 years. Vinyl is also the easiest fence to maintain as it is made from a dense plastic that won’t rot, warp, or fade over time. With custom powder coating options, you can design any fence you desire with vinyl.  

Even though vinyl fencing is our longest-lasting option, there are still ways in which is can be improved upon over time. If your vinyl fencing has seen better days, try one of these methods to give it new life:  

Add new greenery to border your fence.  

Even a new vinyl fence won’t look great if the flowers and shrubbery around it are dead and dry. By investing in your bordering plants, you can easily make your vinyl fence look better. This will enhance curb appeal and make your vinyl stand out in the neighborhood.  

Touch up the color.  

While powder-coated vinyl doesn’t fade easily, it can become scratched and lose its uniform color. If this happens, you can touch up the finish with color-matched paint at your local home improvement store. Keep a can of this paint around for annual touchups or around the ten-year mark when signs of wear and tear will begin to show.  

Replace your gate.  

While your vinyl fence will still look great for decades to come, the gate may have visible wear and tear sooner. Te metal pieces may start to become stiff, in which case you either need to repair or replace the gate. Talk to FloriFence about modern and automatic gate styles that suit your home’s unique look.  

Upgrading to vinyl 

Perhaps you’ve had a wooden or metal fence for years, but are a bit jealous of your neighbor’s new maintenance-free vinyl. If so, talk to FloriFence about upgrading your existing fence to a beautiful, durable, low-maintenance vinyl option. We offer custom powder coating and topper options as well as a variety of fence and gate styles to perfectly suit your home. FloriFence makes vinyl upgrades easy and affordable, so don’t hesitate to call!  

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