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Easy Ways to Upgrade an Existing Metal Fence 

Metal fencing is typically chosen for its elegant design and longevity. With proper care, a metal fence can last upward of 30 years with very little maintenance. However, even the highest-quality fence will start to show its age after several decades. If your metal fence is in good condition but is starting to show signs of aging, there are several ways you can spruce it up for next season.  

Below are the four easiest ways to make your metal fence look newer with only an afternoon’s worth of work:  

Add a fresh coat of paint.  

Metal fencing can lose its color over time, especially if the paint or powder coating begins to chip. If you have an old metal fence, try a fresh coat of paint to bring it back to its original beauty. This can be done with most types of metal fencing using spray paint or a metal-specific lacquer.  

Trim your greenery.  

Metal fencing is often used for trellises and garden fencing as the thin fence posts provide a view into the yard. While this makes metal fencing more delicate, it can also make untrimmed greenery and weeds more noticeable. If you have overgrown vines or weeds growing along your fenceline, trimming them will instantly make your fence look better.  

Add fresh flowers.  

Once you’ve trimmed the overgrowth, you can add some new greenery or flowers to your garden to make your fencing stand out. Low shrubs and flower bushes are incredibly attractive in any yard, and your metal fencing will easily show them off.  

Replace your gate.  

Oftentimes gates show more wear and tear than the rest of the fencing because they are used more often. The hinges will start to stiffen, and years of opening and closing can wear down the protective coating. If your gate is looking much older than the rest of your fence, consider changing it out for a newer option.  

FloriFence can help you redesign your metal fencing with a few simple touches. Or, if you’re looking to upgrade to something entirely different, contact FloriFence today to explore your options.  

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