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Easy Ways to Upgrade an Existing Chain Link Fence

Chain link is a popular fencing option for residential and commercial fencing alike. Its affordability and simplicity make it a great option for parks and recreation centers, athletic fields, dog fences, and so much more. However, chain link is one fencing type that shows wear and tear more quickly than its higher-quality alternatives.  

Unlike other types of metal fencing, chain links will rust, warp, and corrode over time without proper care. While no fencing lasts forever, it’s important to maintain your chain link properly to ensure it reaches its maximum service life for your property. Below are just a few simple ways you can upgrade your chain link, especially if its seen better days:  

Paint your fence. 

Chain link can be painted just like any other type of metal fencing. In fact, a fresh coat of paint can prevent rusting and corrosion as it adds a protective barrier to the fence. Painting your chain link black can also make it look more sophisticated. Spray paint or a chain link-specific paint is best for this home project.   

Add wooden panels. 

Sometimes, it’s not the chain-link material, but its style that needs upgrading. If you had chain link installed previously installed but are looking for something new to add to your backyard, you can easily upgrade your chain link with wood panels to the fence posts and top border. This adds a rustic feel to your yard without having to completely replace a solid chain link fence.  

FloriFence loves to restore fencing and can help you either renovate or replace your old chain link fence. To learn more about our installation and repair services, contact our offices today! 

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