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Do’s and Don’ts for Installing a Fence Around Your Pool

Pools are a common feature in Florida homes. They offer aesthetic interest to your backyard, and ensure endless summer fun for you and the family. However, installing a pool in your yard is a big undertaking. You must maintain it properly and install safety features for your family and guests. 

A fence for your pool is typically a must-have if you live in a residential area. Not only will it provide privacy while you’re swimming, but it will ensure animals and children are safe at all times. If you’re thinking of installing a pool fence. Here’s what you need to know: 

Do choose a water-resistant material. 

Pool fencing should be able to easily withstand water and chlorine exposure, which is why we recommend a vinyl or metal material as opposed to wood. This not only makes maintenance easier for you, but will ensure your fencing does not have to be replaced every 10 years.

Don’t choose fencing that is too short. 

Your pool fencing should be tall enough that children and pets cannot easily climb over it. This is especially dangerous if you have a large dog that can jump over fencing, as they can easily fall into the pool unexpectedly if you’re not watching closely. Residential fencing can be built up to six feet tall, which is what we typically recommend. 

Do apply a powder coating to your fence. 

Metal and vinyl fences can have powder coating applied which provides a durable protective coating and fade-resistant color. Powder coating is easy to maintain and will ensure your fencing will last for decades. Talk to your FloriFence contractor about this color option before installation. 

Don’t let plants and grass grow too high around your pool fence. 

Not only will foliage attract unwanted pests, but it will cause stains on your powder-coated fencing. If you have plants or gardens near your pool, be sure to keep them trimmed back and a few inches away from your fence. This will make pool and fence maintenance easier in the long run. 

Do choose an exceptional contractor. 

The biggest determinant of the long-term utility of your pool fencing is the contractor you choose. FloriFence makes it easy to choose the right fence material and ensures high-quality installation. We offer U.S.-made materials and a one-year service guarantee for all pool fencing installations. To learn more about our fence installation and repair services, contact our offices today!

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