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Do’s And Don’ts For Halloween Fence Decor

For many, Halloween is the most fun holiday of the year. It’s full of imagination, play, and plenty of sweet treats for both kids and adults to enjoy. The more you put into your holiday decorations, the more fun you’ll have with the event. However, it’s important that you don’t sacrifice the long-term aesthetic appeal or functionality of your fence in favor of a fun Halloween display. Below are # tips to ensure your Halloween decorations are safe and effective for your fencing. 

DO use as much of the fence space as you can

Fencing is the perfect backdrop for a wide variety of holiday decor. Wood and vinyl fences provide a wall for you to hang signs, lights, and festive decorations while aluminum and chain link give you the option to intertwine or hang decorations between each post. The tops of the fence posts are also fair game, so be sure to get creative and maximize your decoration space!

DON’T put too much weight on your fence

While we encourage you to use the full extent of your fencing for decorations, you need to be careful about putting too much pressure on the structure. Lightweight decorations such as plastic items and garlands or string lights are ideal. While you can hang heavy decorations or signs, you need to be careful that you’re not putting on too much weight, or your fence might lean by the end of the holiday. 

DO Use detachable hooks 

Detachable hooks are your safest bet for hanging any sort of holiday decor on your home’s exterior or your fencing. You can typically pick them up at convenience stores around the holidays or find them at your local craft store any time. If you don’t have detachable hooks, use strings, ribbon, or any other removable fastener for your decorations. 

DON’T use nails, glue, or staples 

Nails, staples, and glue guns should never be used on your fencing. They can cause cracks in the fence that are not easy to repair and will be unsightly as soon as you take the decorations down. Unless you have talked to your FloriFence team about long-term installations, use removable fasteners for all holiday items. 

We can’t wait to see what you do with your FloriFence installation this year! Contact our office if you have other questions, or visit our resource center for more holiday decoration ideas.

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