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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your New Fence?

Building a new fence for your home is a major investment. Most homeowners spend between $1,500 to $3,500 for their yards, which means they want it to last. But, what happens if a tree, hurricane, or careless driver takes out your newly built fence? You may have options for affordable repairs under your homeowner’s insurance policy. 

Most homeowners’ insurance covers fence damage under Coverage B or “Other Structures” coverage, but not in all cases. The coverage amount varies by policy but typically consists of 10%of your total policy coverage. Below are some of the most common reasons for accidental fence damage, and what you need to know about your insurance options:

Storms and Accidents

Most homeowners’ insurance covers fence damage due to storm damage or accidents such as fallen trees. However, exclusions may apply if your policy doesn’t cover wind damage, or if your fence was in poor condition prior to the accident. In Florida, it’s important that your insurance policy covers wind damage due to our powerful hurricane seasons. 

Flooding and Storm Surge

Most homeowners’ insurance does not cover damage due to flooding or storm surges, so be sure to carry a separate flooding insurance policy if you live near the Florida coast. Flooding can not only tear down your fence but can cause wood rot and rusting that will ruin your fence even if it is still standing. 


Vandalism can happen to residential fences as well as commercial, and should first involve a police report before calling your insurance company. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and send the report to your insurance company to cover the cost of repainting or replacing your fence. 

Poor Maintenance

Claims for fence damage that occur in part due to poor maintenance are typically denied by insurance companies. For example, if a dead tree on your property falls on a rotting wood fence, you likely won’t receive coverage for repairs. Therefore, it’s imperative to maintain your fence with regular cleaning and resealing to ensure it will be covered if damages occur. 

With a high-quality FloriFence and diligent maintenance, your fence should be protected from accidental damage. For more questions about how to protect your fence, contact us today!

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