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Do You Need Ornamental or Security Fencing For Your Businesses?

At FloriFence, we typically sell commercial fencing to provide security to a business, to create a sound barrier, or to add more privacy to an area where customers frequent. However, even businesses without privacy or security needs can still benefit from fencing in their property. In this guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of both ornamental and security fencing, and help you decide which is right for your facility. 

Ornamental vs. Security Fencing

Most people don’t know that fencing is categorized into ornamental and security designs. Ornamental fencing, as the name suggests, does not provide privacy or security for your property. Some examples of ornamental fencing include picket fencing, wrought iron garden fence, or aluminum fencing. These may not improve the safety of your facility, but they can add curb appeal and improve the look of gardens and other areas of your property. 

Security fencing typically includes wood and chain link fencing, and is built taller to prevent burglary and vandalism on your property. While chain link or wood might not look as nice from across the street, they ensure your property is protected overnight. 

When To Use Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing has plenty of applications for commercial properties, especially restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in hospitality. Below are just some of the places you can use ornamental fencing to make your commercial property look and function better: 

  • Around gardens and courtyards
  • Around outdoor seating areas
  • At the front entrance
  • For parks or recreational facilities 

When To Use Security Fencing

Security fencing should be used anywhere that you want to protect your property or where you might experience break-ins. Below are just a few places we recommend fencing in with chain link to ensure your property is well-protected: 

  • Around warehouses
  • Around outdoor showrooms or lots where outdoor merchandise is stored
  • Around the perimeter of your facility
  • Around pools or any body of water (this is often required by law)
  • Around hazardous worksites

The team at FloriFence can help you choose the right fencing solutions for your business. We specialize in commercial fencing including temporary fencing, security fencing, custom automatic gates, and more. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, contact us. 

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