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Do These Three Maintenance Tasks On Your Fence Before Selling Your Property

Adding a fence to your property is one of the easiest ways to improve curb appeal and make your home more attractive to potential buyers when it comes time to sell. However, a fence that is old, dilapidated, or otherwise uncared for may deter more sellers than it does impress them. If you are looking to sell your home or commercial property, there are a few steps you should take to improve the look and functionality of your fence: 

Paint or stain it.

A fresh coat of paint or wood stain can make an older fence look brand new, especially if it has been several years since its last coat. You can paint or seal wood and can spray paint chain link or aluminum for a fresh look. Vinyl, on the other hand, should have a powder-coated finish that will only need cleaning and touch-ups to look brand new. 

Take care of landscaping around your fence. 

A fence can look old or uncared for if the grass and greenery around it are not taken care of. This can also cause stains on wooden fencing, so be sure to trim the grass and spruce up your garden around the fence. If you have climbing vines on your fence, trim them down so that the fence’s structure can be seen easily. 

Lubricate hinges. 

Your potential buyers won’t be pleased if the gates to your fencing are rusty, stiff, or difficult to open. That is why we recommend lubrication with WD-40 or another metal lubricant annually to ensure your gates last as long as the fence itself. This can be done prior to showing to ensure buyers can easily access outdoor areas. 

With these three simple steps, your fence will look good as new and will easily impress potential buyers. If your fence requires repairs, or if it needs to be replaced, however, call for professional help. FloriFence can help you replace broken fence pieces or replace an old fence to make your home more appealing on the market. To learn more about fence repairs and pricing, contact us.

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