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Do I Need Fencing For An Above-Ground Pool?

Pools are a staple in many Floridian backyards, but not all homeowners are excited about the maintenance and limitations that come with an in-ground pool. These are difficult to drain, are more expensive to install, and limit the space you have in your yard for other things like gardens and play space for pets. The above-ground pool is gaining in popularity among suburban neighborhoods, which brings homeowners to the question, “Do I need to fence this in?”

The short answer is yes, you should always fence in a pool, even an above-ground one. 

Pools pose a drowning and injury risk for children and pets alike. Most states require fencing for any type of pool, but even if your local government doesn’t require it, there are several reasons why you should anyway: 

  • Above-ground pools with large decks are just as dangerous as in-ground pools for children and pets
  • Pool fencing provides security from animals that may enter your yard looking for drinking water
  • Fencing offers privacy for guests and family to enjoy the pool without peering eyes from the neighbors
  • Having a fence surrounding an above-ground pool can lower insurance premiums

If you have a deck for your above-ground pool you want to secure the entire perimeter with fencing that meets local codes and includes a child-proof gate.This ensures that kids and pets can safely play in the yard when they’re not in the pool. If your above-ground pool only has a small entry deck or opening, you can simply install safety fencing around the pool’s supports. This keeps children and pets safe from accidentally falling in, and will deter wildlife from using your pool to bathe. 

If you have a smaller yard with no pool deck, all you need is secure privacy fencing around your pool to keep neighbors and wildlife away and to provide privacy for pool users. This means that you’ll need to keep a watchful eye when children and pets are playing outside. However, above-ground pools are typically safer than in-ground pools in this regard. 

Pool fencing is a must-have for any Florida home, which is why FloriFence offers a variety of options for your backyard. To learn more about our products and services, contact our offices today. 

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