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DIY Vs. Professional Wattle Fencing

Wattle fencing is one of the oldest fence types in the world. This simple construction of thin pieces of wood woven between posts has been used for centuries both in high society and by rural farming communities throughout the Western world. Today, wattle fencing can be a great DIY option or a stylish addition to your garden or backyard, if done correctly. 

In many places, wattle fencing is strictly a DIY option. You make your own fence posts, and weave long sticks and vines between them to create the classic wattle look. However, modern manufacturers are taking this style and creating high-quality lattice and wood fencing to mimic the look. If you’re interested in wattle fencing but aren’t sure if the DIY route is right for you, consider these pros and cons of hiring a professional to install your fence: 

Professional fencing is even in appearance. 

Wattle fencing looks like DIY fencing in most cases. It is not easy to create a uniform look, even if you purchase pieces of wood rather than finding them yourself. Professional lattice and woven fence designs will have a more uniform appearance suitable for suburban areas. 

Professional fencing will last longer. 

Wattle fencing is typically not built with treated wood, which means it will warp, rot, and discolor over time. This can shorten your fence’s lifespan to less than a decade if you don’t maintain it. Professionally installed wood fencing uses pest-resistant and coated wood to prevent damage from water, wind, pests, and much more. This can extend the life of your wood fencing to several decades. 

DIY fencing is cheaper. 

The primary benefit to building wattle fencing is how inexpensive it is. With a little bit of time and craftsmanship, you can have money by building your own fence. However, the cost reduction in the short time is often eclipsed by the many hours it takes to build a wattle fence and how comparatively short their service life is. 

FloriFence can help you design a wood fence that is fast, affordable, and will stand the test of time. Instead of DIYing a fence that won’t last through the years, hire professionals who can create something beautiful and practical for years to come. Give us a call today to learn more!

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