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Design Options for Fence Enclosures 

When most people think about fence installations, they only envision perimeter fencing. This is the most typical installation we perform, but fencing can be used for so much more than marking property boundaries. It can be used for enclosing outdoor seating areas at restaurants; enclosing outdoor HVAC systems and backup generators; creating dog runs and other safe play spaces; or simply to safeguard a piece of property such as a carport or outdoor storage space.  

If you are using a fence for one of these types of enclosures, there are a few design principles you should follow:  

Install a locked gate.  

Most fencing enclosures are built for the purpose of securing or protecting a piece of property. If your restaurant has an outdoor seating area, you want to keep it protected from intruders after hours. Or, if you’re using it for the storage of a boat or jet ski at home, you want to make sure nobody tries to steal them at night. By installing a locked gate with your enclosure, you can keep it safer and secure.  

Build to the right height.  

In most residential areas, fences are limited to six feet in height, or four feet if on the waterfront. Commercial fences can typically build up to eight feet unless high-security fencing is required. You may want to go lower for perimeter fencing, but enclosure fencing should typically be built to the maximum height to ensure it adequately protects your belongings.  

Use privacy fencing. 

Enclosure fencing is typically built with wood or vinyl fencing to minimize visibility. This is especially important if you are trying to hide a valuable piece of property such as a vehicle, or want to minimize the aesthetic detraction of something like a backup generator or commercial HVAC unit.  

FloriFence can help you build a fencing enclosure for any purpose on your commercial or residential property. To learn more about your option or how to get started, contact the FloriFence office today! 

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