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Design Options for Commercial Security and Safety Fencing

Commercial properties have heightened security needs that can be difficult to meet on a small business budget. However, if there is one place where you don’t want to cut costs, it’s your property security. Fencing is the first line of defense against unwanted intruders, overnight vandalism, and other security risks on your property. If you want to protect your employees and merchandise, the right fence is a must-have for your business.  

Security fencing can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing if you choose the right design for your property. Below are some of the most popular security fence designs for commercial facilities in Florida, and what you should consider before purchasing each:  

Metal fencing 

Metal fencing not only looks intimidating but is more difficult to climb than other fencing styles. Plus, metal fencing is less likely to be vandalized, and is easier to paint over than wood fencing. Certain metals such as aluminum and wrought iron will look elegant but still provide you with a secure barrier for your fence.  

Tall chain link 

Chain link may not seem like the ideal option for security fencing, but it is one of the most affordable and practical options for commercial facilities. If the chain-link is high enough, it can deter most intruders from scaling the fence, especially if security cameras are present. Plus, chain link is nearly impossible to vandalize.  

Climb-proof fencing  

Some fencing is made specifically to prevent climbing, both for safety and security measures. This type of fencing is similar to chain link, but the spaces between the wire are so small that it is difficult for people to grip. Plus, this type of fencing is slick to prevent animals from climbing as well, adding to its safety features. If your property needs highly secure fencing, this is a great option.  

FloriFence specializes in commercial fencing that keeps your property safe. If you are interested in other fencing styles for your business, contact us today to learn more! 

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