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Design Options for Commercial Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing is essential to every business, regardless of size or industry. The perimeter fence establishes your property boundary, provides security, and creates part of the curb appeal for your business. Choosing the right perimeter fence is one of the best investments you can make for the exterior of your facility.  

FloriFence offers a variety of perimeter fence options for businesses, but these are the most popular for both their quality and aesthetic appeal:  

Aluminum fencing 

Metal fencing provides both an attractive look and a sturdy defense against intruders after hours. A tall metal fence is difficult to climb and nearly impossible to vandalize (unlike wood or vinyl fencing). Plus, aluminum is naturally rust-resistant so it can be used for waterfront properties and near amenities such as pools.  

Climb-proof fencing  

Climb-proof fencing is similar to chain link, but the spaces between the wire are closer together to prevent climbing by intruders. The wire is also made to be slick so that animals cannot climb over the fence. This type of fencing is ideal for perimeters because it keeps your facility safe from all borders day and night.  

FloriFence offers a variety of fencing options for commercial facilities, from elegant metal fencing to practical security fencing and everything in between. To learn more about your options and pricing for commercial properties, contact our offices today.  

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