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Design Options for Commercial Noise Reduction Fencing

If you have a great location for your business, it’s highly likely that you are in a noisy part of town. The best locations are in the busiest areas, which means noise from traffic, pedestrians, and the city in general will constantly interrupt your office. And while this may be good for business, it is not great for productivity.  

Your business may even be the cause of noise if you have construction or production taking place on the property. A noisy facility can cause problems for surrounding tenants, and they will likely want you to keep it down during office hours. And, while you can’t always silence the outside world, you can mute it with the right noise reduction fencing.  

These types of fencing are best for noise reduction in commercial areas. FloriFence can help you decide which of these is best for your property:  

Wood fencing 

Wood fencing is one of the best options for noise reduction in both residential and commercial areas. It will block and absorb some noise from within the property and generally looks great from the street. While wood is more difficult to maintain, it can be a great option if street noise is interrupting your work day.  

Vinyl fencing 

Vinyl fencing is another great option to keep noise down on your property, and requires much less upkeep than wood fencing. Vinyl is more expensive than wood, but will not rot or warp even after years of use. It can also be powder coated to protect its color, adding curb appeal to your noise reduction fence.  

Temporary noise reduction fencing 

Temporary fencing can be used for construction projects where noise may bother your neighboring businesses. Temporary noise reduction fencing is typically made of plastic or another opaque barrier that will keep noise out, but is easy to move and place in different areas.  

FloriFence understands the unique demands of commercial fencing, and can help you decide which is best for your facility. To learn more about options for noise reduction, perimeter, and security fencing for your business, contact us today! 

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