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Design Options for Commercial Amenity Fencing 

Amenity fencing is one of the most important structures on your commercial property. This type of fencing protects and controls access to business amenities such as parking lots, pools, outdoor showrooms, and other important places for your business’s functionality.  

Amenity fencing can be a part of your perimeter fencing, or it can be designed specifically for specific areas of your property. For example, many restaurants fence off their outdoor seating separately from their perimeter fencing in order to purchase higher quality and more aesthetically pleasing options while cutting costs on the perimeter fence. Regardless of how you mix and match your fence styles, choosing the right material for your amenity-specific fencing is essential for both aesthetic value and practicality.  

Below are the three most popular types of amenity fencing for commercial properties: 

Aluminum fencing 

Aluminum fencing is the perfect blend of functionality and style for commercial facilities. It is sturdy and works as a protective barrier fence, but is stylish enough to be used for trellises and garden fencing where necessary. Aluminum fencing is also rust-resistant, which means it can be used for pool fencing or waterfront properties.  

Vinyl fencing 

Vinyl fencing is a popular option for high-end amenity fencing because it looks similar to wood, but does not need the intensive maintenance that wood requires. This makes vinyl ideal for commercial facilities that see more wear and tear on hardscape than residential properties. Vinyl fencing can be used to separate outdoor showrooms, pools, and other amenities where you want a sophisticated touch.  

Chain link fencing 

Chain link fencing is the most popular fencing option for commercial facilities because it is affordable, easy to maintain, and will last for decades. Chain link can also be customized to include sliding or automatic gate options for amenities such as parking lots. Chain link is the ideal amenity fencing for car lots and other dealerships where outdoor showrooms need to be fenced in for security.  

FloriFence offers a variety of options for amenity fencing for all business types and industries. To learn more about your commercial fence options, contact our offices today! 

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