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Decorating Your Fence for Christmas

Christmastime is just around the corner, which means your family might be breaking out the garland and yard lights soon. If so, don’t forget to incorporate your new fence into the Christmas display! Fencing is the perfect canvas for holiday decorations. However, it’s important to follow some safety guidelines to ensure your decorations don’t fall and you don’t damage your fence in the process. 

Below are some of our inside tips for how to beautifully decorate your fence for Christmas without damaging your new installation:

Wrap garland and lights together

Garland is a perfect decoration for split rail and aluminum fencing because it can be wrapped around posts instead of tacked on. If you want to add lights, simply strand them together and tie them around the posts with bows. This creates a subtle but incredibly beautiful look for your fence both day and night. 

Lights and wreaths 

If you have a privacy fence, hanging wreaths may be a better option than garland. You can string lights along the top of the pickets and hide hangers with beautiful wreaths on each post. Your wreaths can be simplistic, or include holly and other decorative elements. However, be sure to choose a wreath that is relatively lightweight, as too much pressure on the fence can be problematic, especially if it is an older fence. 

Gate decorations

If you have an automatic or double-door gate, you may want to add special decorations to it to create a grand entrance to your home. Signs, wreaths, bows, and other decorative elements can be secured with hangers and wrapped tightly with plastic cords to ensure they don’t fall off when the gate is in use. Be sure to wrap these extra tightly, as they can cause problems to automatic or swinging gates if loose. 

Safety tip: use removable hangers instead of nails.

We don’t recommend tampering with the structure of your fence during the holidays. Even though a nail might not damage the structure of your wooden fence, it can eventually fall out and rust which is a hazard for your yard. They may also look out of place after the holiday decor gets taken down. If possible, use removable plastic hangers instead for your decorations. 

FloriFence hopes you have a very Merry Christmas, and that these tips helped you get in the festive mood! If you have questions about hanging particular decorations, contact us or follow us on Facebook for more holiday tips. 

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