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Consider These Three Things Before Fencing your Business Property

There are many things to think about as a business owner. You may constantly think about payroll, employee satisfaction, and getting new customers in the door. That means that you may not have yet thought much about your commercial fencing needs. FloriFence is ready to help you think through the major components of your fencing needs to ensure you make the right choice for your business.


Depending on the location and end-use of your fence, an important consideration is strength. Chain link fences are light but strong. Their design also allows them to stand up to strong Florida summer wind and rain. While you may think the sturdy look of an aluminum fence would make it a great choice for a strong fence, however its lightweight nature means its more susceptible to pressure and winds. Working with a professional fence installer can help ensure you select the fence material that will best suit your needs.


The way your business looks matters. A fence is often the first impression a potential customer will have of your business. Adding a new fence can also be a great way to add a refresh to your property and set the tone of your company. FloriFence offers wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain link material choices in addition to customizable designs and powder coating to suit any location and design desires. It is also important to consider how your fencing choice will age. Vinyl fencing just needs a quick wash to keep its fresh, shiny appearance, while wood may need more frequent staining and sealing. Replacement timelines will vary depending on the fencing material you choose.


Your commercial security needs are unique. Often, a high fence height is employed to keep unwanted intruders out. Additional elements, like barbed wire or ornamental spikes can be added for more security. Often, having an ‘open’ fence, like chain link, can reduce crime as it provides no cover or hiding places. However, privacy can also be a component of safety. If you have expensive equipment or clients that require confidentiality, a solid fence option may bring the additional protection you need.             

FloriFence is ready to help you fully think through your commercial fencing project needs. To learn more about our range of fencing options, contact us today!

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