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Common Pest Problems That Affect Your Fencing

In Florida, many of us experience pest problems in the summer months. As the temperatures heat up, insects and rodents start looking for places to cool off, and often end up in our homes and gardens without an invitation. While this causes the most damage to your home, it can also cause issues with your fencing if the wrong pests are present. 

Below are some of the most common Florida pests that cause damage to fencing, and ways you can avoid these problems or stop them if they occur: 

Termites and carpenter ants

Termites and carpenter ants are the most common pest issue that affects wood fencing. They can quickly destroy fencing, targeting rotting or soft spots in an untreated fence. If termites or carpenter ants are destroying your fence, your home may be next, so you must act quickly. We recommend scheduling extermination and treating your wood with a sealant to prevent further damage. If you must replace the damaged fencing, we recommend choosing a pest-resistant wood type such as cedar to ensure termites never touch your fencing again. 

Carpenter bees

Like termites and carpenter ants, carpenter bees will burrow holes in your wooden fence and destroy it from the inside out. While carpenter bee damage is often less perverse, it can still cause issues with the structure and appearance of your fence. Because extermination is tricky, we recommend using pest-resistant wood like cedar or pressure-treated pine to prevent the problem. 


Rodents may gnaw on wood or vinyl fencing if they are not deterred from your garden space. While this is less common on fencing than it is indoors, you want to prevent any critters from trying to chew a hole through your fence. By spraying rodent deterrents on your fence or planting herbs like peppermint, you can keep the rodents at bay and away from your property altogether. 

Wildlife intrusion

If you have deer, raccoons, or other wildlife near your property, you may be greeted by unwanted visitors on your property. They may climb, jump over, or otherwise damage your fencing, which is why we offer wildlife-deterrent fencing options to keep your property safe. 

Pests and wildlife should never be a concern on your property, which is why FloriFence offers a variety of options for safe, pest-resistant fencing. If you’re interested in starting a new fencing project, call us today to learn more!

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