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Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Installing a New Fence

Fence installation may seem like an easy home improvement project you can DIY, but at FloriFence we don’t recommend it. Fencing installations require careful planning and proper installation techniques in order to ensure it can withstand wind, weather, and long-term use. A DIY installation does not typically last as long and can even damage your yard if you’re not careful. 

Below are three mistakes homeowners often make when installing a new fence, and how you can avoid them with FloriFence. 

Improper or incomplete planning before installation

The most important part of the fence installation process is the planning. You need to understand your property — where the boundaries are, where utility lines are, how the slope and soil will affect your fence — before you can plan a fence that will last and that is in accordance with local laws and guidelines. If you start building solely on visual guidelines, you are likely to make a serious faux pas and will have to rebuild eventually. 

Not following local laws and HOA guidelines

Hillsborough County has specific guidelines for what materials are allowed for residential fencing, where you can build a fence, and how tall you can build it. Failure to comply with these laws will result in the rebuilding of your fence and potential fines. Homeowners associations may also have specific guidelines that you need to follow, so be sure to check with the office before building. 

Not choosing the right style for your home 

Fence and gate style are essential to creating a fence that you’ll actually enjoy for decades to come. Fences are a permanent structure, so you don’t want to choose something that suits a trendy style unless it complements the overall structure of your home. If you have an older or historic home, choose fencing that matches the period in which it was built. If you have a newer home, choose fencing that matches or complements other housing structures such as your porch or hardscape. 

You can avoid all of these mistakes by working with FloriFence on your new fence installation. We offer the experience, planning expertise, and stylistic advice to make your fencing perfect in every way. Call us for more information or to schedule a consultation!

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