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Common Misconceptions About Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is a favorite at FloriFence. We often use wood for residential projects because it is timeless, affordable, and can last for decades with proper care. While wood fencing is more difficult to make last than vinyl or metal options, there is nothing that can replace that classic wood fence look. 

If you are interested in constructing a wood fence for your home, you have probably done some research on your different options. However, not all the information you’ll find online is accurate to FloriFence wood fencing. Below are some of our clients’ most common misconceptions, and what you can actually expect from a FloriFence job:

My cedar/treated pine will never warp.

Unfortunately, this is not true for any type of wood fencing. While some types of wood are less likely to warp due to water damage, they are all susceptible. This can become a problem if your home experienced flooding or storm surge due to a hurricane (though your fencing is likely not the biggest problem to worry about). We do recommend warping-resistant woods but you should always be prepared for this possibility as a wood fence owner. 

Wood cracks are a sign of structural damage.

It is true that a crack in the wood is often a sign that the fence is aging and may be experiencing structural damage. However, surface cracks are very common and do not always spell disaster for your fence. Wood will splinter and crack with age, but you can minimize the impact by treating it with a stain or paint every few years to protect the surface. 

Cedar and treated pine are termite-proof.

This is another common misconception with these luxury woods. WHile cedar and pressure-treated pine have chemicals that deter termites, they do not guarantee the bugs will not do damage to your fence ever. They are the best deterrent but as the fence ages, termites may try to invade. The best termite prevention is proper pest control. 

Wood fencing is not high quality because it can warp and rot.

This is far from the truth. Wood fencing is just as high-quality as other types of fencing; it is simply higher-maintenance fencing than metal or vinyl fencing. Wood comes with many benefits that other types of fences cannot provide. In exchange, you must take care of it properly to prevent water damage that leads to mold, rot, and warping. However, for many homeowners, this maintenance is worth it. 

Wood fencing should always be painted in order to protect it from water damage.

It is very important to protect your wood fence from water damage. However, paint is not the only option here. Wood stains are incredibly popular and often last longer than paint. Stains will equally protect against water absorption but will last longer and soak into the wood to provide better protection. 

FloriFence believes that any homeowner can have a beautiful wood fence if they are willing to put in the work to maintain them. To learn more about your fencing options, contact us today!

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