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Common Misconceptions About Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is one of the most commonly installed fencings in residential areas. This simple, classic fence is popular to keep dogs and children safe, protect gardens, and surround commercial facilities for enhanced security. At FloriFence, we believe that chain link is a versatile and quality material that can improve the function of your property tremendously. 

However, there are many myths surrounding chain link that we hear from our customers frequently. Below are some of the most common, and what you actually need to know about chain link fencing: 

Chain link fencing will rust. 

Older chain link had the propensity to rust after years of wear and tear, but modern chain link uses galvanized steel that won’t rust over time. If your current chain link is rusting, you may consider replacing it with a modern chain link fence to reduce the likelihood of water damage and to improve the look of your fencing overall. 

Chain link is expensive to repair. 

Many customers believe that because chain link is pre-assembled in the interlocking pattern, that it is difficult to repair. However, chain link is rarely in need of repairs because of its durability. If it does become damaged, replacing the old chain link with a new sheet is actually an affordable and quick process. In comparison to woo or vinyl, chain link is a very simple fencing material to mend and replace over time. 

Chain link is noisy.

It is true that older, loose chain link will clank and rattle in the wind. However, a proper installation will ensure that your chain link doesn’t become lax over time. When using high-quality galvanized steel, you can expect your chain link to be durable and quiet for years to come. 

Chain link is plain.

Many people see chain link and think of it as a basic option with no aesthetic appeal whatsoever. However, when choosing a contractor like FloriFence, your chain link fence will not only be pleasing to the eye but is also customizable. We can powder coat your chain link fencing to improve its overall appearance. PLus, with a higher grade installation, your chain link will look anything but cheap. 

If you’re interested in installing a new chain link fence with FloriFence, contact our offices today!

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