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Common Misconceptions About Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a relatively new trend for homes, but it is fast-growing in Florida. This water-resistant and durable material looks just like the traditional wrought iron fence but provides added benefits that make it a viable option for many homeowners. If you’re interested in aluminum as an option for your property, it’s important to get all the facts about this fencing material. 

Below are some common misconceptions about aluminum fencing, and what you should know before you install it: 

Aluminum fencing will rust.

Many people believe that aluminum, like other types of metal fencing, will rust over time. However, aluminum has the unique advantage of being 100% rust-resistant over time. This makes it often a better choice than wrought iron for modern homes. It provides the same great look without the risk of rusting. 

Aluminum isn’t as strong as other types of metal fencing. 

Aluminum fencing is much more lightweight than wrought iron, so many people believe it to be a cheaper and less durable material. However, aluminum is just as strong as other types of metal. It serves as a great security fencing option and is nearly impossible for intruders or wildlife to bend easily. 

Aluminum fencing is cost-prohibitive. 

Aluminum fencing is indeed more expensive initially than chain link. However, the long-term costs of maintaining a cheaper metal fence often make up for the price difference at installation. Aluminum fencing is relatively maintenance-free. If you keep it clean and lubricate gates and hinges as necessary, there is no reason your aluminum fencing can’t outlast cheaper metals by 5-10 years. 

Aluminum fencing looks cheaper than wrought iron. 

Aluminum fencing is in fact more affordable than wrought iron, but that is because it is easier to manufacture. Most people cannot tell the difference between aluminum and wrought iron visually until close-up inspection, and that’s only if they really know fencing. An aluminum fence will give your backyard the same regal appearance as a wrought iron fence, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Aluminum fencing is a great option for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. TO learn more about your aluminum fencing options, contact us today!

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