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Commercial Waterfront Fencing – What Looks Best For Your Business?

If you own a commercial waterfront property for a restaurant, hotel, or other business, your view is likely a major selling point for customers. While an unobstructed view may be great for business, it can put your property at risk when it’s closing time. If you don’t want your assets stolen or damaged, there are plenty of options for waterfront fencing that won’t hurt your beautiful waterside view. 

Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is the most popular option for commercial properties regardless of whether or not they’re on the waterfront. They can be built to have easily moveable or even automatic gate options, and look the best when built to the maximum height of eight feet for commercial properties. While chain link may not look as nice as other fence options, the gates can be moved to provide a better view during operating hours. 

Coastal wood or vinyl fencing 

Wood and vinyl fencing are also popular for smaller commercial facilities with less ground to cover. If you’re worried about ruining the beautiful waterfront view of your facility, choose a style that has a coastal theme or looks a bit more rustic to blend in with the natural environment. You can also build your fencing around parking lots or front entrances only to minimize blocking your waterfront view. 

Aluminum fencing 

Aluminum fencing is not typically used for commercial fencing because of its higher cost, but it can be useful for smaller properties. Aluminum fencing provides a view of the waterfront between rails and offers a more stately appearance than chain link or wood fencing. If you want to fence in a smaller portion of your property, aluminum fencing can be a nice touch that keeps intruders out while still looking natural. 

Waterfront properties should be protected with fencing just like any other commercial property. To learn more about your options or to start designing your new fence, give FloriFence a call today!

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