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Commercial Options for High-Security Fencing 

High-security fencing is used for all types of commercial and government facilities across the country. From military bases to mental health institutions, prisons, and high-profile commercial buildings, high-security fencing can protect your people and property from all sorts of outside danger.  

If you are interested in high-security fencing for your facility, below are just a few of the options you should consider:  

Anti-climb fencing 

Anti-climb fences are used for military, correctional, mental health, and all sort of other high-security facilities. They are made with tightly spaced and slender metal fencing that does not provide the spacing required for easy climbing of a fence. These can help you prevent people from entering or leaving the facility without consent, and can even protect traditional commercial facilities from issues like theft and vandalism during closing hours.  

Crash-rated bollards 

Bollards are large pillars installed on the ground to prevent unwanted vehicle access to certain areas. These are designed to stop vehicles from forced entry into certain areas and can provide a second layer of protection to fenced-in areas of your facility. While these require a more extensive and expensive installation, they can be worth the investment for a facility with high foot traffic such as a concert venue or sports arena.  

Barbed wire 

Most residential and commercial facilities are not allowed to use barbed wire on fencing unless it is specifically sanctioned for security purposes, such as for a jail. However, if your property is allowed to use barbed wire, it can be a very effective security measure for both keeping people in and out of a property. Barbed wire should be used with caution, as it can cause harm not only to unwanted intruders but to people and animals who are not a danger to your facility. If barbed wire is used, it should be built high enough to protect against accidental injury.  

FloriFence specializes in high-security fencing for all types of commercial facilities. If you’d like to learn more about your options, contact us today.  

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