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Commercial Fencing Care Guide

Commercial properties often need fencing not only to protect their boundaries but to provide security for employees and merchandise. If you’ve recently installed a new fence, you likely have a vested interest in preserving your investment. When properly taken care of, commercial fencing can last several decades. However, it takes careful planning and proper care to get the most out of your fencing installation. 

The most important part of fencing maintenance is preventative care. If you neglect to follow the recommended preventative maintenance tasks, your fencing will deteriorate much more quickly and be more costly to repair long-term. At FloriFence, we recommend these simple preventative care tips to extend the service life of your fencing: 

  • Maintain your fence’s outer coating – Whether you have a paint, stain, or powder coat on your fence, it’s important to maintain this protective coating. In the case of wood fencing, it will be vital to protecting your fence’s structural integrity and weather resistance. And even with waterproof fencing options, your outer coating will protect against permanent stains, sun damage, and improve the overall appearance of your fence. 
  • Lubricate hinges often – Hinges, bolts, and other connective parts of your fence should be lubricated often to ensure your fence doesn’t develop structural issues over time. This takes very little effort and can be done any time you notice a stiff gate or latch. 
  • Protect your fence from storm damage – Most fences can withstand heavy rain and high-speed wind, but they cannot take hard blows in a storm. To prevent storm damage, you need to remove any potential falling hazards from the area near your fence. This includes removing any loose outdoor hardscape or equipment before any storm, as well as trimming dead tree branches in the summer. 

These simple preventative care steps will ensure your commercial fencing does the job and looks great to new visitors. You can find more specialized recommendations for wood, vinyl, chain link, and metal fencing on our blog, or contact us today for more details. 

Let FloriFence help you choose the right fence for your commercial facility. We are Central Florida’s top choice for commercial and residential fence installation!

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