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Choosing the Right Fencing For A Historic Home

Finally, farmhouses in central Florida always have wooden fencing that typically mimics paddock-style or lattice fencing. These wood fences don’t have to be painted, as the exposed wood creates a more rustic ambiance. However, we do recommend staining to reduce the maintenance requirements for wood fencing and enhancePurchasing and restoring a historic property is a big responsibility. While you may have always dreamed of having one of these beautiful estates, it does limit your choices when it comes to redoing certain architectural elements or even aesthetic choices such as your fencing. In order to preserve the property’s historic status, you must keep in style with its origins. This can prove difficult for the inexperienced property owner or one who has little guidance when it comes to restoring historic buildings. 

Below are our recommendations for different styles of historic homes. While these are generally safe options, you’ll want to talk to your local governing agencies and previous property owners to learn about specific recommendations for your property. 

Coastal/Cape Cod-style homes typically were built with wooden picket fences throughout history. Unlike wrought iron, wooden fences won’t rust near the salty waters and were relatively inexpensive to build. To preserve the beautiful views of waterfront property, these style homes should have short wooden fences.

Victorian and Edwardian homes are almost always seen with wrought iron fencing. This stately option mimics the grandiose architectural style of these eras and provides a view of the home’s gardens. Many of these homes had intricate wrought iron designs and tall entrance gates to add to the home’s extravagance. 

While classic Victorian homes almost always have wrought iron, Folk Victorian homes were often built with a more affordable option such as wood picket or lattice fencing. Unlike traditional Victorian mansions, these cottages were smaller, more simplistic in design, and typically featured wood siding with a wooden fence to match. We recommend matching your fence to your home’s front porch for a more refined design. 

As the name suggests, log homes always feature simplistic wood fencing to match the home’s exterior. Picket fencing or simple paddock-style fencing is very popular for these simplistic designs and enhances the cabin-style ambiance to the property. Wood fencing for these homes doesn’t have to be complex to be authentic for log cabins. 

Classical American and Federalist homes are styled after the homes of early northern America and typically feature wrought iron fencing as well. WHile picket fencing is sometimes used for waterfront property, a wrought iron garden trellis will enhance the look of your historic home. If wrought iron is out of your price range, however, aluminum fencing is a popular alternative that has the same look without the high price tag and laborious maintenance attached. 

FloriFence is here to help you make the best fencing choice for your historic home. Contact us to learn more about aluminum and wood fencing installation, cost, and maintenance services.

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