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Choosing the Best Wood Fence: Pros and Cons of Redwood

The redwood forest is one of America’s most beautiful sights to see. These trees are one of the largest species worldwide and grow for hundreds of years before they reach maturity. Because they are so rare and beautiful, redwood is a somewhat uncommon building material only reserved for special projects.  

If you are considering redwood for your fence, it’s important to understand both the pros and cons of this option. FloriFence can help you determine if redwood is right for you, or find alternatives that still meet your fencing needs.  

Pros of Redwood Fencing 

Redwood fencing is arguably the most beautiful option for residential fencing. However, its unique color is not the only reason homeowners choose it for their backyards.  

  • Redwood is insect- and rot-resistant – Redwood has a high level of tannins which not only deter insects but can help prevent rotting. This quality helps redwood fencing to last up to 30 years or more.  
  • Redwood is more fire-resistant than other woods – Redwood does not contain pitch or resin, which makes it less flammable than other common types of wood for construction.  
  • Redwood does not have to be sanded – It is an ideal option for rustic style fencing that requires minimal maintenance.  

Cons of Redwood 

While redwood is a beautiful and long-lasting wood option, there are several reasons why most homeowners opt for a different wood for their fencing:  

  • Redwood is expensive – Redwood is prohibitively expensive for many homes. Because it is so rare, it is the most expensive wood option in most areas, even where it is native.  
  • Redwood is endangered – Redwoods are an endangered species so lumber production is extremely limited. This not only increases the price but makes redwood not the most environmentally-friendly option for your home.  
  • Redwood easily dents – While it will last up to 30 years, redwood is considered a softwood and will easily dent if not protected.  

FloriFence can help you make the best decision for your fencing, whether it is redwood or another quality wood alternative. To learn more about your wood fencing options, contact our offices today! 

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