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Choosing the Best Wood Fence: Pros and Cons of Oak

Oak trees are abundant throughout Florida, known for their beautiful Spanish moss and thick branches that provide a canopy of shade in the summertime. However, the trees may not be the only place where oak shows up in your backyard. Oak wood is a rare but incredibly sought-after option for fencing, especially for rural farmlands and some suburban areas.  

If you’re interested in oak for your fence or other outdoor hardscapes, there are many pros and cons you should consider before installation: 

Pros of Oak Fencing 

Oak fencing may not be common, but many homeowners who install it swear by its longevity and appearance. Below are just a few of the unique benefits of oak wood for fencing:  

  • Beautiful wood grain – One of the most noticeable features of oak is its beautiful wood grain and color. With the right staining, it will look absolutely gorgeous in your backyard, especially if you have oak outdoor furniture to match.  
  • Resistant to insect and fungal attack – Oak has a high tannin content which can help deter insects and fungus. 
  • Incredibly durable – Certain types of oak can be incredibly durable, lasting a decade or more longer than pressure-treated pine.  

Cons of Oak Fencing 

While oak can be the perfect fit for your home, there are several drawbacks you should understand before falling i love with this fencing type:  

  • It is more likely to warp – One of the reasons oak (particularly the red oak variety) is not used more often for outdoor applications is its susceptibility to warping and water damage. Even with the right treatment, warping is a common issue that can occur even a few years after installation.  
  • Weight – White oak is less likely to warp outside, but as a result is much heavier, making it more difficult to install.  
  • It can be more expensive – While some varieties of oak are on par with your average wood fence prices, white oak typically is in the higher range.  

Oak fencing can be a beautiful addition to your home, but only if you’ve done your research and understand how to care for it properly. For help choosing the right wood fencing for you, contact the FloriFence office today or visit our Fencing Resources page for more info.  

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