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Choosing the Best Wood Fence: Pros and Cons of Cypress

Cypress trees are native to the southeastern United States, which means you’ve likely seen them in state parks or even in yards in your area. They are a beautiful tree with incredible wood properties, making them a top choice for fencing. While not as common as pine or cedar, cypress can make an excellent fencing material given the right care.  

However, before you invest in cypress fencing, you need to understand the pros and cons of this specific wood type.  

Pros of Cypress Fencing 

Cypress is an uncommon but beautiful fencing option for Florida homes. Below are just a few of the reasons why people chose this wood over all others for their outdoor hardscape:  

  • It’s naturally protected from the elements – Cypress contains an oil called cypressene, which acts as a sealant and protectant against the elements. This makes cypress a good option for coastal homes which experience a lot of intense rain and heat in the summertime.  
  • A beautiful, clean appearance – Cypress lumber has few knots and is considered generally easy to work with. It also has a beautiful golden color that ages well, especially if a stain is applied to protect it from color fading.  
  • It is highly durable – Cypress is considered a strong wood that is relatively resistant to warping over time.  

Cons of Cypress Fencing 

While cypress is a beautiful and long-lasting fence option, there are some drawbacks that homeowners need to understand before selecting it for their fence:  

  • Cypress can be expensive – In Florida, we are lucky to enjoy lower cypress costa because the trees grow regionally. However, even local cypress can be pricey, especially when compared to more common woods like pine or cedar.  
  • It can be hard to find – Because cypress is not a common wood for fencing, it can be more difficult to find at local home improvement stores.  
  • The odor can be irritating – Cypress can be irritating to the respiratory system, as it has a strong scent that is bothersome to some people.  

At FloriFence, we want to help you find the best wood fencing for your next home project. To learn more about cypress fencing or other wood options, contact us today! 

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