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Choosing the Best Wood Fence: Pros and Cons of Cedar

Wood fencing is highly popular in Florida, not only for its natural appearance but for its relative affordability and customization options. For waterfront homes and tropical urban gardens, wood fencing can provide a beachy, rustic look to your fence that no other material can match. However, choosing the right wood for your home may be more tricky than it first seems.  

Cedar is one of our most popular options. So, we want to walk you through both the pros and cons of this option to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your wooden fence: 

Pros of Cedar Fencing 

Cedar fencing is one of the more common wood fence options in Florida for many reasons.  

  • It can be assembled closely together – This makes cedar an ideal option for privacy fencing, as you can minimize space between the slats. 
  • It has a rich color – Cedar has a beautiful natural color which can be enhanced further with wood stains.  
  • It is pest-resistant – Cedar has a strong scent that repels most bugs. This can help prevent termite and other pest damage to your fence.  
  • Cedar is incredibly durable – While all wood fencing is susceptible to rot and warping, cedar is generally considered one of the strongest wood options on the market. It also provides an incredible sound barrier as opposed to other wood options 

Cons of Cedar Fencing 

While cedar is a beautiful, durable, and aromatic wood to choose for your fencing, it does have some drawbacks you should be aware of before purchasing:  

  • Cedar is expensive – Because of its beautiful color and natural pest resistance, cedar can be more expensive than other wood types. It is also more difficult to grow in certain regions, so it may be more expensive depending on where you live.  
  • Cedar requires high maintenance – Because it is a more expensive option, you’ll want to preserve your cedar fencing for as long as possible. This will require staining every few years as well as regular cleaning.  

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality wooden fence, cedar is the right choice for you. However, if you’d like to learn more about your wood fencing options, contact the FloriFence office today! 

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