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Choosing the Best Wood Fence: Pros and Cons of Bamboo

Wood fencing is a classic look that never goes out of style over the years. It is one of the oldest American fencing styles, and with proper care can last several decades. Plus, wood fencing comes in several varieties that allow you to customize the look and color of your natural fence.  

While most people associate wood fencing with pine, there are many more options with different wood grains, natural colors, and properties that can aid in fencing maintenance for the long term. Recently, we’ve received more and more requests for bamboo fencing, and want to walk you through the pros and cons of this option before you make your choice.  

Pros of Bamboo Fencing 

Bamboo is not actually wood, but grass that mimics the texture and durability of wood. Because of this, it offers several unique advantages for fence construction:  

  • It’s eco-friendly – Bamboo is easy to grow and does not require the space that wood does for harvesting. This makes it one of the most eco-friendly construction materials available.  
  • It’s lightweight and easy to install – Bamboo is very lightweight, which means it will be easy for your fencing team to transport and install, leading to a faster and less expensive installation.  
  • It is naturally pest-resistant – Bamboo does not attract termites and other pests like wood does, which means it is less likely to produce pest problems for your home.  
  • It ages beautifully – Bamboo is naturally very smooth and has a beautiful light color which will only improve with age.  

Cons of Bamboo Fencing 

Bamboo fencing is a beautiful and exotic option for your home, but it is not a perfect building material. There are several drawbacks to bamboo fencing you need to be aware of before installing it in your yard.  

  • It is expensive – Bamboo is much more expensive than traditional wood fencing because it is much less common.  
  • It is highly susceptible to weather damage – Like wood, bamboo is susceptible to water damage and overexposure to the sun, which can cause rot, cracking, or color fading. This is especially problematic for Florida homes, as we have intense summers with plenty of rainfall in between scorching hot days.  
  • It requires regular maintenance – Bamboo can either be installed live, which requires careful pruning and care to ensure the grass stays alive, or it can be installed after harvesting, which requires annual staining and cleaning to preserve its outer layers. This can be even more time-intensive than wood fence maintenance.  

Bamboo is a great option for many Florida homes, but it’s important you understand all of the characteristics of this material before you install it. To learn more about bamboo fencing, contact FloriFence today! 

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