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Choosing a Fence Style for Your HOA

When on the board of a homeowner’s association, many decisions impacting your community lie in your hands. What the neighborhood looks like, how it is protected, and how it is organized for community wellbeing is up to you, so it’s important to make the best choices for your residents’ long-term happiness.  

One of the most important decisions that rest in your hands is community aesthetics. How houses are to be painted, styled, and decorated is ultimately up to you. Therefore, the type of fencing allowed in your neighborhood is also up to you and can impact home value, curb appeal, and family life for those with children or pets.  

At FloriFence, we recommend HOAs allow these two types of fencing in their neighborhoods:  

Aluminum fencing 

Aluminum fencing is a classic because it looks just like wrought iron, but it won’t rust over time. This makes it a preferred option because it is easier and more likely to be maintained over time. Aluminum, however, is not a great privacy fence option, so we recommend offering alternatives as well.  

Vinyl fencing 

Vinyl fencing is a perfect option for HOA-approved privacy fencing. It looks just like wood, but won’t warp or fade over time. Plus, because it is made of heavy-duty plastic, there is no risk of water damage during Florida’s rainy summers. Vinyl is slightly more expensive than wood, but is generally a higher quality and maintenance-free option for long-term installations.  

High-quality woods like cedar and cypress can also be good options, but make sure that you include a maintenance clause to ensure these higher-maintenance fences are in tip-top shape. Wood fences are susceptible to rotting and warping which can ruin the neighborhood in ten years’ time.  

If you’re looking for an affordable and reputable contractor for your neighborhood, give FloriFence a call today! We offer a wide selection of aluminum, wood, and vinyl fencing that will suit any neighborhood’s style. Plus, we offer affordable installations and customizable gates and toppers so your residents can fully customize their HOA-approved fences. To learn more or to find the styles that are right for your community, contact our Tampa offices.  

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