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Choosing a Fence Option for Your HOA

If you are a decision-maker for your HOA, many important decisions are in your hands. One of the most important is the choices made for how homes in your community can be altered so that homeowners have the freedom to build their dream homes without changing the overall ambiance of your neighborhood. Even small decisions such as where to place trash cans, what colors homes can be painted, and what types of fencing can be built will shape the appearance and safety of your overall community. 

Choosing a fence option to put into your HOA guidelines must be done with careful research and attention to detail. You need to specify the material, height, layout, and gate options your members can build, as well as any restrictions on upkeep and painting after the fence is installed. 

In general, we recommend you choose a fence option that is: 

  • Aligned to your community’s overall look 
  • Affordable for all homeowners
  • And durable over time

There are many different fences that meet these requirements. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, and even chain link can be viable options for your HOA. Below are some of the pros and cons of each fencing type to help you determine which is right for your community:

  • Wood – Wood is a popular fencing option for Florida homes because it is affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and provides privacy for homeowners. However, wood is typically not as durable as other fencing options and requires a lot of upkeep to ensure it looks good. If you allow wood fencing in your neighborhood, make sure to set certain maintenance guidelines to prevent rotting or dilapidated fencing. 
  • Vinyl – Like wood, vinyl is an ideal option for privacy fencing. However, it is much more durable than wood and can outlast it by up to four times with much less maintenance required. We often recommend vinyl as an alternative to wood for HOA communities because of its aesthetic advantages. However, vinyl is much more expensive than wood. If you want to require it, be sure it is within the general price range of families within the community.  
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is another great option for aesthetically impressive fencing. It looks very similar to wrought iron, but is typically more affordable and will last longer due to its rust resistance. Aluminum is still more pricey than wood and does not provide any sort of privacy, so if you recommend it in your HOA, we suggest offering an approved alternative for those who want more privacy.
  • Chain link – Chain link is a highly practical fencing option, and due to new paint and powder coating technologies looks better than ever. While it is typically not the first choice for HOAs, it can be beneficial for pool fencing or community park and facilities fencing. 

To learn more about your fencing options in Hillsborough and surrounding counties, contact FloriFence today!

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