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Cheapest vs. Most Expensive Fence Designs

Fencing is one element of your home you get to completely customize. There is virtually no limit to the style choices you can make, from materials used to gate, topper, and trim design. At FloriFence, we love helping customers choose fence designs that meet their personal style and practical needs and can always find an option that fits within their budget, too. 

While we always encourage customers to invest in high-quality fencing (as it will last for decades), pricing is always a top concern for most customers. Below are some of the most affordable fence options, versus the most expensive, to help you make the right choice for your home: 

Least Expensive

Chain link and wood fencing are the most affordable options at FloriFence. Both of these materials typically cost less than $20/linear foot and are relatively quick and easy to install. Plus wood fencing can be customized with paint, stains, toppers, and gates to give it a great aesthetic appeal. 

Most Expensive

FloriFence’s two most expensive fence material options are wrought iron and vinyl. Both of these exceed $20/linear foot, but in our opinion are well worth the expense. Vinyl fencing lasts longer than wood and requires little maintenance to look good as new for decades. And you can never go wrong with wrought iron for metal fencing. However, wrought iron can be incredibly pricey and does require regular maintenance, which is why we offer a more affordable alternative – aluminum fencing – for those looking to stick to a budget. 

How to Save With Your Fence Installation

We don’t recommend you cut back on quality or sacrifice your practical needs to meet your budget. After all, your fence will last you several decades, so you don’t want to settle for something you don’t love. However, there are some things you can cut back on to make your dream fence more affordable. For example, opting out of automatic gates or custom toppers can make it easier for you to afford the vinyl or wrought iron fence of your dreams. 

If you are interested in price comparisons of different fence options contact our office today to schedule a consultation. 

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