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Waterfront Backyard Designs for Summer 2022

Waterfront property is often coveted in Florida for its unparalleled beauty and stable value regardless of wavering economic factors. And lucky, in the Tampa area, we have plenty of it. While a waterfront property will

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Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Businesses

Vinyl fencing is one of FloriFence’s luxury options for both homes and businesses. This high-quality plastic polymer is one of the most durable fencing options and comes in a variety of colors and styles suitable

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Best Vinyl Fence Installers in Tampa, FL

Vinyl fencing is one of the most popular options for homeowners in Florida. It is a strong, weather-resistant material that looks great with all types of home styles. If you’re looking for the classic charm

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Is Vinyl Fencing The Same as PVC?

At FloriFence we talk a lot about vinyl fencing. It is one of our most popular sellers for residential fencing because of its long lifespan, aesthetic appeal, and ease of maintenance. However, you may have

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How To Restore Your Vinyl Fence

At FloriFence, we love vinyl fencing for many reasons. It always looks sharp and is a long-term investment for homeowners because it usually lasts a lifetime. However, over time vinyl will start to look worn

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Three Ways To Make Your Vinyl Fence Stand Out

Vinyl fences are growing fast in popularity because of their unique advantages over other materials. They are durable, water-resistant, and incredibly easy to maintain. Plus, with FloriFence’s powder-coat technology, you’ll never have to worry about

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What Can Damage A Vinyl Fence?

Vinyl fencing is incredibly popular among FloriFence customers, and for good reason. This versatile fencing option is one of the most durable on the market. It is virtually waterproof, rust-proof, and will last for 20+

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