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Can You Shop Online for Fencing?

In today’s consumer market, almost everything can be bought online. With everything from household goods to furniture, cars, and even homes available at the click of a button, you might imagine that buying fencing online would be just as simple. 

While many home improvement stores and retailers offer fence options online, there are several reasons why shopping for fences in person is still the norm. Not only are you purchasing the raw materials, but you’ll be hiring a team of contractors to perform the installation. This hiring process can be more complex, which is why we offer a storefront and full shipping experience for our customers in Tampa. 

FloriFence works with clients one-on-one to help them choose the right fence for their project. In addition to seeing the fence materials for yourself, there are several key benefits to an in-person retail experience:

  • You can view colors more clearly than you can on a screen
  • You can ask questions about installation time and prep work with your contractor
  • You can see how tall your fencing will be, and what it will actually look like in-person
  • You can view a variety of toppers and gate options in-person
  • You can answer your contractor’s questions about the design, layout, and key elements of your property such as its slope, location of utilities, and landscaping scheme. 

While FloriFence does offer online support and photos of our installations, we prefer the in-person shopping experience for these reasons and many more. We want to connect with our customers and hear directly from them the vision they have for their project. This vision is key to creating a fence installation that meets every need, and cannot always be replicated in the online shopping experience. 

If you would like to learn more about our products, services, and pricing, visit our store for a consultation or to shop! We offer hundreds of different fencing selections, and our customer service team can answer any question you have about your next fence installation. 

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