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Can I Install a Chain Link Fence Myself?

Chain link fencing is one of the simplest fencing options available on the market today. Built in long rolls of pre-assembled chain link, typically all you need to do is set the posts and attach the link and gates. While it may seem simple and worthwhile to save the money on labor, a DIY chain link installation may not be in your best interest. 

There are plenty of DIY tutorials online to help you install your own chain link. And, if you have experience in fence installation, there is no reason why you can’t save the money and do it yourself. However, we urge customers to rethink this DIY home improvement project unless they are 100% confident in their ability to succeed. Here’s why: 

The Pros of a DIY Chain Link Installation

  • It can help save you money – The cost of a chain link installation is over 50% labor, so if you purchase the materials yourself you can save a great deal of money. 
  • You can install it on your timetable – Most fence installation companies will require a day or two to install a chain link fence depending on the size of the property, and you’ll have to fit around their schedule to get it done. 

The Cons of a DIY Chain Link Installation

  • It’s not as easy as it may seem – Chain link installations are not impossible to DIY, but they require careful planning, measurement, specialized tools, and significant physical labor in order to do. If you aren’t experienced in fence installation, the process may become very complex very quickly, and your probability of error goes up substantially. 
  • It is a time-intensive process – A fence contractor can install a chain link fence within a day or two because they have an entire crew and a rote process to follow. As a single person or family doing all the work, it may take several full days in the sun to complete, and you won’t get as good of results as you would if you worked with a professional. 
  • You’ll be paying retail price for materials – It may be cheaper overall to DIY, but you’ll still have to pay for materials which may be more expensive for you than it is for your contractors. And, if you don’t already have the necessary equipment on hand, the cost to install your fence yourself may be comparable to hiring someone else. 

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of a DIY chain link installation, contact FloriFence today for a consultation and estimate. We provide low-cost installations for every home, and can help take the stress out of your fencing project.

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