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Building the Best Fence for Children

Fence in the entire yard. 

Some homeowners opt for partial fencing with open spaces instead of gates. Typically, we don’t recommend this for families with children because it is too easy (and too tempting) for them to wander off by themselves. Even front yard fencing is a good option for families with small children. 

Use a child-safe gate. 

Fencing should keep children safely inside the yard, which means a child-proof gate option is essential. This is even more important if you have a pool in the backyard, as most residential pools require fencing by state and local laws. 

Opt for a taller fence. 

A tall fence will keep children and pets inside more safely and will keep other animals away from the fence line. If you don’t want a privacy fence for your front yard, opt for something at least three feet so that your smallest children can’t peer or stick their fingers over the other side. 

Be vigilant about maintenance. 

Fences can be a source of splinters, rusty nails, and other dangers to small children if you are not diligent about fence maintenance. Make sure to periodically check your fence for hazards and repair them as soon as you notice. Repainting and sealing your fence can also help prevent these imperfections by protecting the fence surface from splitting and cracking. 

Fencing can keep your kids and pets safe from the outside world, but only if you build it with them in mind. To learn more about child- and pet-friendly fencing, contact your local FloriFence today. 

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