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Best Trees & Shrubberies for Florida Backyards

Florida can be a tricky place to grow trees and shrubberies because of the fickle growing conditions near the coast. While the intense summer is great for some flowers and sun-loving plants, many gardeners worry that the sandy soils and endless summer may make growing larger plants more difficult. However, experienced landscapers in the area can help you choose from a wide variety of sun-loving trees and shrubs that are perfect for Florida backyards and gardens. 

Below are some of the best shrubs and trees you can grow in Florida. Some are ideal for barrier shrubs, while others can create much-needed shade in your backyard with beautiful flowering blooms all summer long. 

Magnolia trees

Magnolias are beautiful, aromatic trees that thrive in Florida’s environment. They feature large glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers that will make your entire yard smell like spring. plus, these trees can be purchased in large or small varieties depending on the placement you want for your backyard. 

Golden dewdrop

These showy plants are perfect for low-maintenance border shrubs in your backyard. The spring flowers are a bright purple color and will cover most of the bush when in full bloom. This shrub is native to the Florida Keys and can be grown in most Florida environments. However, be careful of growing these if you have children or pets, as the berries are poisonous when consumed. 


Beautyberry bushes are very common in Florida and can be used as border plants or as filler for your backyard. These shrubs are not particularly showy but do feature brightly colored – and edible – berries in the spring. However, don’t consume too many of these berries as they can be hard on the digestive system when eaten raw. 


Azaleas are some of the most beautiful flowers found in Florida backyards and are luckily very easy to grow. They bloom in spring and sometimes fall when the temperatures are just right and require very little maintenance to survive for years. They make excellent border shrubs to surround your yard or fence. 

FloriFence can help you place fencing around your yard to accent rather than hide your beautiful shrubs and garden space. To learn more about the best fencing for gardens, give us a call or visit our blog for design ideas. 

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