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Best Swing Gates for your Fence

Many property owners put a lot of time and thought into the design of their fence, but few take enough consideration when choosing their gate design. The gate is arguably the most important part of the fence installation because it is the only part you’ll be using on a daily basis. Without a properly designed gate, your fence won’t function well and may become more of a nuisance than it is a beneficial addition to your property. 

We often recommend swinging gates as they are affordable and work well for most properties. These are our most popular swing gate designs, and any of them would be perfect for your home or business: 

Single swing gate

The single swing gate is the most common type of gate for residential purposes. This provides easy access to your yard and is relatively affordable to install. These gates can be built to blend into your fence, or can feature ornamental toppers and arches to add a bit of stylistic flair to your fence design. 

Double swing gate

A double swing gate is often installed on commercial properties and for residential areas where vehicle access is required. A double swing gate can also be designed to bend into the fence or have special features, but because of the greater size, these can be more expensive. Double swing gates also have the option to add automatic and remote-controlled technology for driveway entrances and commercial access. 

Self-closing gate

Self-closing gates are designed with weights to close automatically to prevent unwanted access to certain areas. This is an important feature for pool gates, especially if children will be frequenting your pool area. The CDC lists accidental drownings as one of the greatest safety threats for children ages one to four. A self-closing gate ensures the safety of children both supervised and unsupervised and is required for most commercial pool settings. 

For more information on fence and gate designs, contact FloriFence today! We can help you choose a pairing that will work perfectly for your facility.

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