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Best Gate Options for Your Fence

Building a new fence for your home is an exciting process. The addition of a fence will add both practical options for your home as well as a boosted curb appeal that you’ll be able to enjoy for decades. However, choosing the right fence design requires careful attention to detail and significant planning with our FloriFence contractor. 

At FloriFence, we offer not only customized fence options, but custom gate designs to truly make your new installation your own. Below are some of the most popular choices for Florida homes and businesses, with recommendations for each type of installation: 

Swing gate

Swing gates are the most common type of gate for wooden, chain link, and vinyl fences. These simple single-door designs are great for backyards and garden fences where only people will need access (rather than vehicles). These are also highly practical for low fences and picket fencing where a larger gate is not needed. 

Double door gate

Double door gates are made for larger yards and areas where vehicles or livestock will be moving in and out. They can be ideal for large backyards, commercial properties, or even for front yard fencing where a driveway intersects with an area of the fence. FloriFence offers a variety of double-door gate options that are both beautiful and affordable for your home. 

Rolling gate

Rolling gates are common on commercial properties, especially for those with outdoor showrooms or warehouses where security is crucial. These gates make it easy for multiple vehicles to pass through when opened, but are more secure than a traditional double door gate when locked. Rolling gates can also be practical for large residential properties or ranches where multiple cars or animals will pass through an area. 

Pool gate

Pool gates are a must for any condo, hotel, or residential property where the pool is accessible from the yard. They are designed to be child-safe to prevent accidental injuries and drownings, and can even keep your pets safe from falling into the water. If you have a pool that will be used by multiple people or families, a pool gate is always a wise option. 

Automatic gate 

Automatic gates are ideal for homeowners who have a gate intersecting their driveway. They can also be used for gated communities and condos where security is of the utmost importance. An automatic gate can be controlled remotely so that people in cars can open and close the gate from inside. They are more expensive but are often worth it for ease of use and security. 

Choosing the right gate option can be tricky, but FloriFence is always there to help you make the right decision. For more information about your gate and fencing options, contact FloriFence today!

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