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Best Fencing Styles for Different Types of Homes

Choosing your fence types is about a lot more than practicality. The style of fence you choose will shape the style of your entire home. That’s why we walk our customers through all of their options first. We want them to understand the pros and cons both practically and stylistically before they make the choice to install a certain type of fencing. Below are some of the most popular fencing types and the homes that make them look most stylish:

Aluminum fencing for waterfront properties and urban areas

Aluminum fencing is the fencing that looks most like wrought iron but is sold at a fraction of the cost. It is ideal for urban areas because it provides mostly decorative appeal as opposed to privacy. The sleek, minimalist look is ideal for homes that are close together. It provides an ideal view for waterfront homes as well. 

Wood fencing for suburban homes and let owners 

In Florida and throughout the U.S., wood fencing is the most common type of fence for suburban areas for many reasons. It is simple, affordable, and looks more natural as opposed to vinyl or aluminum. It is also an ideal fencing type for children or pets, as wood is more difficult to escape than aluminum. 

Vinyl fencing for bungalows and beachfront properties

Vinyl fencing is highly practical and looks just as great as wood, but with a much longer service life. For a more stately appearance, vinyl is an ideal option for bungalows. It is also great for providing privacy to beachfront properties because the wind, water, and salt won’t damage the vinyl over time. 

Chain link fencing for suburban homes and first-time homeowners

Chain link fencing is our most practical option at FloriFence, which makes it great for first-time homeowners looking to complete their fencing project on a budget. When installed correctly, chain link can look very clean-cut and stay looking that way for decades. 

Farm-style fencing cottages, cabins, and ranch homes 

Farm-style, also known as split rail fencing, is not a common fencing style in Florida. However, it can look great for beach cottages and ranch homes if styled correctly. Split rail fencing can look outdated or too “western” for some suburban and urban homes, but FloriFence works with our clients to create the right wood fence style that will make their home look charming yet modern at the same time. 

If you’re looking for the perfect fence style for your home, contact FloriFence today! We are happy to help you find the ideal fence style for your Florida home.

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